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At the La Torretta residence we will be happy to welcome you in the company of your animal friends for a wonderful holiday in Tuscany!

Some ideas

Guests at La Torretta can participate in a number of sports in the surrounding area: road cycling, mountaing biking in the forests, horse riding in a neighbouring establishment with highly-qualified tutors, guided scuba dives at the nearby Gulf of Baratti and marvellous walks in the coastal forests are just some of the activities available to anyone visiting La Torretta.

Not only is Piombino known as the “city of wine” thanks to its thousand-year history of wine production, but the entire Val di Cornia area and its nearby centres, such as Bolgheri, to name the most famous, Monterotondo and Sassetta,are also celebrated wine producing areas. A large number of renowned wine producers offer visits and tasting sessions.

"Il Calidario" Spa

Venturina Terme is the home of the Calidario Terme Etrusche Natural Hot Springs, a 3000 m3 mirror of water fed by a number of sources that spring up at a constant temperature of 36 degrees directly from the bottom of the lake. Today more than ever, the historic Hot Springs offer visitors a warm embrace, allowing them to enjoy the beneficial effects of their water and steam.
A dive into the past, to the times when the Etruscan people bathed in a unique and enchanting environment, a place where harmony and wellbeing can be found today.
The spa is surrounded by a verdant pine forest, filled with natural scents to be savoured.

Visitors to La Torretta can benefit from a special discount. Please ask us for more information.

Not forgetting ..

Don’t miss the WWF’s PaduleOrtiBottagone sanctuary (open to the public with guided visits available via booking), a wetland area that has been conserved by reclamation works where visitors can observe a number of species of wetland birds, from the pink flamingo, to the black-winged stilt, to various herons, ducks and coots, to a large number of migratory birds that stop here during their annual migration.

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